On 18 June, London HE Week saw London Medicine hosting an event exploring the unique opportunities to medical and dental students in London, and the ways in which London’s medical and dental schools can best collaborate and work collectively to provide a world-class experience for students.

The presentation of case studies from across London Medicine’s membership showcased some of the varied opportunities available in the capital. Case studies covered diverse topics such as medical student placements with the London Ambulance Service & Air Ambulance, collaborations with the Crick Institute, and dental students working with their local communities to improve dental health. Medical and dental schools in London can also interact with the city in creative, and perhaps unexpected, ways. Attendees heard how medical students at St George’s use London’s art galleries to explore a visual art and health theme of their own choosing and to create a sketch book and a reflective essay.

There followed a panel discussion with speakers representing St George’s, University of London, King’s College London Dental Institute, Health Education England, Office for Students, and the student-run United Hospital Medgroup. Topics included how medical and dental schools can best collaborate,  how medical and dental schools fit into the civic university debate, and the opportunities and challenges associated with bring located in the capital.

The event was hosted by London Medicine Chair Professor Deborah Gill, who commented: “London is unique. Whatever subject an individual is studying London provides a backdrop and environment like no other. But perhaps no subjects are as embedded in place as medicine, dentistry and other health disciplines. By their very nature studying these subjects means students become involved with the place where they live. London’s huge and varied population, its position as a research hub attracting the best researchers from across the globe, and the cityscape itself give students access to a range of experiences. This means that London is an ideal place for launching a medical or dental career. Today’s event has provided an excellent opportunity for students and colleagues to showcase how they interact with London, and for attendees to come together and think about how we can work collaboratively to ensure London continues to offer the best possible experiences to students.”

This accompanying booklet collates these case studies and shows that, when it comes to studying medicine or dentistry, there really is nowhere like London.