London Health Commission

September 1, 2013 in Archive

In September 2013, the Mayor of London established an independent inquiry – the London Health Commission (LHC).

The Commission, chaired by Professor the Lord Darzi and reporting to the mayor, examined five broad themes that covered the unique health and healthcare challenges faced by London:

  • Improving the quality and integration of care
  • Enabling high quality and integrated care delivery
  • Healthy lives and reducing inequalities
  • Health economy, research and education
  • Engaging the public on how decisions are made about health and healthcare

In late 2013, the LHC invited responses to their Call for Evidence in order to inform their work.

On behalf of London Medicine and the Healthcare Education Group a response was submitted in February 2014 detailing in what capacity London’s health economy, research and education currently contributes and how to best support future needs.

A summary of the LHC’s Call for Evidence report can be viewed here.

Better Health for London report

In October 2014 the LHC published ‘Better Health for London’; their report on how to improve the health and wellbeing of Londoners.

The report made over 60 recommendations and set out 10 ambitions for London.

It proposed tough measures to combat the threat posed to Londoner’s health from tobacco, alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise and pollution.

The report also highlighted aims to reduce the health inequalities across London and to provide a world class health service every day of the week. To achieve this it said the NHS in London should be more ‘personal and organised around patients’, with centres of excellence for cancer and heart disease as well as major investment to modernise GP surgeries.

Together the proposals form a part of a major new public health drive that aims to make London the healthiest major global city.

Source: London Health Commission