In early October 2016 the Government announced proposals to increase the cap on the number of medical training places to 7,500, an increase of 1,500 students per year. It will be 2024 before any benefits of this increase are seen in real terms.

On 14 March 2017 the Department of Health published its consultation into the increase in numbers. On announcement of the consultation, the Chair of London Medicine Professor Deborah Gill, provided a statement which can be viewed here.

An initial allocation of 500 places will be made to medical schools in England from 2018/19. The further 1,000 places will be allocated through a competitive bidding process, to commence 2018/19 or sooner. Since the launch of the consultation the London Medicine group met to discuss the London-wide response to the consultation. The consultation closed on 02 June 2017 and the London Medicine response can be viewed here. It is expected that outcomes from the consultation will be published by the Department of Health in summer 2017 with the competitive bidding stage to open in autumn 2017.

The London Medicine group have been conducting a series of work regarding clinical placements in undergraduate medicine in London as part of the Vital Signs programme. This work has interlinked with that of the medical schools expansion, particularly the mapping of clinical placements exercise which is currently underway. To view more about our work in this area, view our Clinical Placement pages here.