The London Healthcare Education Group (LHEG), representing London’s nursing programmes, and CapitalNurse, a London-based NHS Health Education England programme, today unveiled a new resource to support those applying for nursing in the capital. The postcard, entitled ‘Never Stops’, lists five simple tips for those who may need to explore a new path to entry, with the aim of sustaining interest until a successful outcome was reached.

The postcard was developed following applicant feedback and with the contributions London Healthcare Education Group members, as well as NHS Health Education England. The postcard responds to the complexity of rejection decisions by highlighting various routes into entry, including apprenticeships and the new direct-entry nursing associate foundation degree, as well as stressing the need to seek feedback.

“Even in an enormous city like London, there are still limits on how many people can be given the high-quality nursing education both they and the future health workforce deserve at one time. We’re quite fortunate – but not alone – in London to be able to signpost candidates to other routes of entry, including through employment,” explains LHEG Project Manager, Lydia Dye-Stonebridge. “I’m certain the same would hold true in other regions of the UK, so our hope is that this postcard will be adapted to help achieve the same aim – to encourage people who want to enter this amazing profession.”

The postcard is available for download here. The London Healthcare Education Group is part of London Higher, a membership body representing over 40 higher education institutions in London.